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Tatu Royale practices and provides the highest standard of infection control in the tattooing industry throughout the Midwest. The owner, Chad, is on record in 4 counties and states that are regulated, as a licensed tattooing artist. He has an unsurpassed reputation for cleanliness and skill. He has logged hundreds of hours in high standard studios, and licensed training seminars and has passed his knowledge and proven techniques and practices down to all the staff at Tatu Royale. All needles are disposable, single use, and sterilized with an ethyl oxide vapor process, all other implements are sterilized using a steam autoclave after going through a 10 hour sterile microbe-cide pre-soak and ultrasonic cleaning. We follow a strict multi-point regime of infection control for our safety as well as the safety of our customers. All of our artists and staff are Red Cross certified with up to date and current methods in cross contamination practices and blood born pathogen training as well as CPR and First Aid. Our sterilization standards and equipment are up to date, modern and implemented daily. We use a steam autoclave that is tested regularly by an approved biological testing service to ensure proper conditions for health and safety within our controlled environment. We, the staff of Tatu Royale, are professional and are here to continue serving the area with the utmost in professionalism, highly skilled service and practices in a comfortable, sterile, and friendly environment. We want you to be happy, comfortable, and most satisfied with our service. Our goal is to give you beautiful tattoos, and body piercings, that make you feel great.
Stop on in to our shop, or call at any time. We do not take appointments over the phone, but we are always willing to discuss our shop, and what we do here at anytime.

Thank you,
Tatu Royale Staff

Tatu Royale | 117 West 3rd Street | Downtown, Winona, MN | 507-454-2422